General Rules

Our general overall rules

Be respectful with ALL players & staff under all circumstances

Do not advertise, link, or promote any services that are not related to AzerothGaming.

Do not abuse bugs/exploits/glitches. These should be reported to staff through discord.

Do not reveal private information of any player other than yourself.

Do not make inappropriate builds.

Inappropriate Skins/Capes are not allowed. eg, (racist skin, naked lady skin etc) Do not BYPASS punishments by any means (i.e. using alternate accounts, abusing in-game commands/items, etc.). Any person found avoiding penalties, such as playing on an alt, risks having their alt banned and an increase in their original sentence.

Do not AFK MINE or FARM. Any form of macros/auto clickers will result in punishment. Do not scam other players. If you commit to a deal/trade you must hold up your end of the deal.

Exchanging items for any currency other than for items is strictly forbidden.

Chat Rules

Keep all chats/chatting appropriate. Do not discuss anything R rated, controversial, or political.

Keep everything nameable in-game appropriate. eg. (player warps, faction names, item names, nicknames, pets, paintings etc)

Do not harass, bully, or threaten any players or staff. Excessive Bullying/Taunting will be punished.

Swearing is allowed but within reason. Do not overuse swear words and NEVER use swear words directed at other players.

Racism, Discrimination, or any form of Hate Speech is explicitly not tolerated.

Do not impersonate staff members, or pretend to be a rank you are not.

Do not impersonate other player names either in game or in discord.

Do not Hackusation someone in public all reports of hackers must go through private channels or directly to a mod or admin

The Nether and End are both disabled in factions.

Private Chat

Any form of Racism, Discrimination or Hate Speech is explicitly forbidden. Please bring anything that breaks this to a staff member through Discord.

Public Chat

Personal insults towards other players are not allowed. (anything that is a personal attack to another player, and not normal trash talking)

Do not spam in any way, or attempt to bypass our spam filters. eg. (signs, chat, commands, etc)

Only use ENGLISH in the main chat. If you want to use another language please use /msg.

Any form of Threatening that insinuates real life consequences will not be tolerated.

Do not BEG staff members for items, events, updates, punishments, etc

Code of Conduct

No Glitching of Any Kind

I Glitching is not allowed in any shape or form, this includes but not limited to:

II Ender pearl glitching.

II Cosmetic pet glitching

II Use of Frost Walker in order to raid.

II Glitching under/through bedrock.

II Border glitching.

II Use of a fishing rod to bring people into PVP

II Use of a bow from spawn to kill players in PVP

Note: Any other forms of glitching will be enforced by the staff team at their own discretion.

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