🪄Custom Enchants

We use Advanced Enchantments


You probably have noticed in the enchanting on our server that you are seeing enchants that you may not have seen anywhere else. This is due to our custom enchanting we have enabled on our server. If you type /enchanter you will see a pop up menu showing you all the enchant books and what they do and how to use them.

When you highlight over the enchanter you will see what xp is required to get a book.

Once you click on the book you should see the book pop into your inventory.

Once you right click the book it will reward you with a random enchant of that quality.

Simply drag the book to the allocated item and it's that simple. (See gif below of an example)

The book has a chance to fail and so far to date the failure only results in the book being destroyed not the item.


This allows you to trade in old gear or books to get a chance at more dust or items to upgrade your books or get xp back


Allows you to combine books and magicdust

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