What are loot crates and how do i get them?

How to get a Loot Crate

The two current ways to get a Loot Crate is to /vote daily. Click here to see how to vote.

Once you have voted and you have earned 5 points you can purchase a Vote Key.

Type /voteshop and they keys are there.

Once you type that you should see this

Type the command above /lootcrate claim to see all your key's. Think of this as your vault of all the key's you have bought or have unlocked from something :)

You can claim one key at a time or all of your keys

Once you have that finished you can right click the key that goes to a specific chest.

What is in a Loot Crate

Some of the custom item packs that we have are furniture, armor, swords, tools, wings, cosmetic items. In these crates you will have a chance at some of those.

Can i buy Loot Crates

Currently the plan is to add them to the shop but as of typing this wiki it's not currently on there.

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