Rules of the darkzone

The darkzone area in players hub world.

1. Players may not teleport out of the zone at ALL!!! (If you find a way let me know and report it)(Those caught breaking rules without telling me get 24h TempBan) 2. Players are not allowed to camp the graveyard of a naked player who has died. When you die in the darkzone you respawn in our graveyard If you are done with the zone there is an extraction node in the graveyard. If you appear to have gear or have something of value players are allowed to kill you over and over for those items If you have clearly given up all your items and are sitting at the extraction node players are not allowed to kill you at that node only! Do not go to another extraction node if you are empty and out of gear! Players are allowed to kill you all the time no matter what. If a player who has not killed you yet kills you when your empty that is his way of checking if your gear is off your player. 3. Players are not allowed to camp the insertion nodes! 4. Players may not activate more than one node at a time. (You may loose your privilege's to the darkzone if you do this) Extraction NPC's are around the map there are 4 of them You do not need to be at the extraction node the whole time just when it goes off at the end The node will teleport all players within 15 blocks to factions spawn. 5. Custom Armor drops from the Grinders(Husks spawners) only Husks - Drop Enchant Drops x0.05 6. Custom Enchant Modifiers drop from all mobs within the zone 7. Loot Drops for area (The percentage is using Zombies as a base so most of these are 0.1%-0.6% Chances of dropping your Enchant loot Zombies - Drop Enchant Drops x1 Axolotl - Drop Enchant Drops x3 Bat - Drop Enchant Drops x4 Blaze - Drop Enchant Drops x4 Enderman - Drop Enchant Drops x4 Skeleton - Drop Enchant Drops x2 Spider - Drop Enchant Drops x2 Stray - Drop Enchant Drops x2 Vex - Drop Enchant Drops x6 Witch - Drop Enchant Drops x3 Wither Skeleton - Drop Enchant Drops x4 8. There are secret areas with spawners hidden and Shaman and I are currently working on adding more secrets and expansions for the zones as you play.

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