A Darkzone is known as a no command area where players can only extract out after getting rare loot

How to get to the Darkzone

Currently we have the Alien Darkzone, We plan on adding more in the future.

You can get to the darkzone by reading the dropdown for the specific Darkzone.

Instructions to get to Alien Darkzone

Type /hub

Go to Players Hub

Walk over to the Darkzone entrance

Once you find this walk down into the Alien Meteor

Find the Entrance node you want to go into the zone and right click the NPC

This darkzone is our main darkzone where you can find 4 sets of gear and 4 custom swords from the Mob Grinders.

You can farm these 4 sets of gear from our grinders across the map.

Mob Grinders

There is 4 grinders that spawn "Husks", these allow you to farm and they do not drop any gear besides the custom drops. When you get a drop a message in chat will appear saying "You have been awarded a (Piece)". Once this happens check the chest at the end of the grinder.

Example image of a Grinder

See below as there is 4 grinders around the map

Random Loot

On top of these sets of gear you can also collect Custom Enchant Modifiers see the page for more information on this. But essentially you can farm any mob besides the husks inside the zone for a chance at obtaining one of the Modifiers.

Dying in the Darkzone

When you die in the Darkzone you respawn in the graveyard

Players are not allowed to camp the graveyard of a naked player who has died.

When you die in the darkzone you respawn in our graveyard

If you are done with the zone there is an extraction node in the graveyard.

If you appear to have gear or have something of value players are allowed to kill you over and over for those items

If you have clearly given up all your items and are sitting at the extraction node players are not allowed to kill you at that node only!

Do not go to another extraction node if you are empty and out of gear! Players are allowed to kill you all the time no matter what.

If a player who has not killed you yet kills you when your empty that is his way of checking if your gear is off your player.

If you want to get your gear back you can get a starter kit from the KitKat NPC by right clicking on that NPC.

Remember the only true way out is extracting so make sure you come prepared.

Rules of the Darkzone

Please read these rules as they are important to your gameplay in the Darkzone. Click Here

Instructions on how to get out of Alien Darkzone

Around the map there is 4 Extractions points

Each Extraction NPC has a 10 minute timer after activating.

It will broadcast to the entire server that it is going to extract.

You can only activate one so make sure to read the rules.

You can leave the area while it counts down but it will only take players who are within 15 blocks of the NPC. Once it extracts you are safe.

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