🗺️Separate Worlds and Plugins

In this page you will understand worlds and plugins and how it all effects each world.


This is the main lobby that you can use /spawn or /hub to get too. This world allows you to go to all the worlds listed below. This server has the Cosmetic Wardrobe that allows you to equip your custom bought cosmetics from our store. The shop plugin is disabled on this world as it's not used to build or gain money.


This is a world where players who are playing can do events. This world has all of our spawn features including our DropParty, Casino, PlayerHouses, PlayerMarkets, Darkzone Entrance, LootCrates and more.


This is our survival server that has PvP disabled and you are not allowed to raid or grief on this server. This server has MCMMO and has the Guilds plugin that allows users to claim land and prevent others from stealing or griefing illegally. Since PvP is disabled we do not run the combatlogger plugin in this world.


Could be in any world but it's a teleporter to that specific world that has an event map going on. Could be Parkour, Racing, Mob Arena.....etc etc


A world to build in creative mode only, with the permissions of a mod. This world is disabled by default, and will only open for specific projects run by the owner.

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