Our main survival server

What Is Survival?

Survival is just normal Minecraft with nice quality-of-life features. There is no "goal" of the server other than to find land, gather resources, and build whatever you desire! There is no limit to what you can build. Play with your friends or play by yourself, it is entirely up to you!

Finding Free Land To Build On

The world is very large. Finding a free space might seem tricky but it is actually very easy. You are able to jump off our top spawn and walk out until you hit wilderness,once you have found an unclaimed location! You can then claim your spot once you hunker down

Protecting Your Land

You'll definitely want to protect your land so no one else except you and those you trust can build there. We have a great guide for claiming land. Simply click here to be taken to it!

Buying and selling items

You can type /shop or /sellgui to open up a shop plugin where you can use that worlds money to purchase and sell your items. This is a great way to obtain things that are more rare and difficult


This world is just a custom 10,000 by 10,000 block world with an entire custom generated world with a world height of 512. This world does not reset and allows players to have an entire different world in the server to play survival. There is no PvP in this world and players can build as they please. To get to this world take the Teleported at the Mainlobby spawn next to the Survival Teleport.

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