Pet System

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Feeling alone? Summon pets to accompany you, provide you with warmth, and increase your gaming experience.

Pet system has been redesigned with adding more features to make the pet become more functional. You can feed your pet with pet items to increase their attribute level and make them Happier. You will be able to ride your pet to go everywhere, set a special name for your every pet.

Pet Attributes

Pet attribute level will decrease by 1 every 5 minutes no matter it's moving or sleeping. You can increase your pet's attribute by feeding them with food, drinking water or playing with toys. You can gain pet items by opening Mystery Boxes. You will receive random pet items once you open a Mystery Box. Every pet has their favorite, most liked or disliked item. When they eat their favorite food, their attribute level will increase even more than normal.

Pet Attributes



Very Like

















Pet Items

These are the pet items available. Pet items interest are different for each pet. A Wolf pet might likes to eat Bone and dislike Hay. A Cow pet might likes to drink Milk and dislike Lava.

Pet File

Pet Level

Moreover, you can level up your pet by sending them on pet mission. When your pet has at least Happy status, it will be able to go for a mission to earn experiences. The Happier your pet is, the higher experiences your pet will get. Each pet's level starts from level 1 and able to level up to level 100 MAX. You can only send your pets on a mission once every 60 minutes by default.

Pet HappinessRequirementExperiences

Super Happy

All attributes level greater than or equal to 75

800 EXP

Very Happy

Two attributes level greater than or equal to 75

600 EXP


Two attributes level greater than or equal to 25 Either One attributes level greater than or equal to 75

400 EXP


All attributes level less than 25


What you can do with pet level? Currently pet level doesn't give anything. We will add some rewards later on. The rewards might be particle effects, throwing items or animations.

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