🤖Drop Party

Details and a video explaining what a drop party is.

What is a drop party?

A drop party is an event during the weekends normally that drops items for players who are in the Players Hub.

What items do you drop?

We drop items that are cosmetic in nature but still can perform strong in gameplay as well. This can range from Custom PickAxes, Swords, Wings, Helmets, Furniture, Decorations, Pop Dolls, Gems all sorts of items.

How do i know when it's happening?

Check out the event section of the discord and it will be posted there or the @minecraft role will be tagged warning when it will happen.

Directions to the Drop Party

If you go to spawn and go to the Players Hub. You will find an NPC at the area you spawn in called Drop Party. Click that NPC and head into the event area.


Below is a video of an older drop party concept is the same but it's older items

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