The casino is an area where any player can go gamble their in game money only. This area is open for all and anyone. Currently it's in PlayersHub

Casino General

Type /hub or /spawn

Go to PlayersHub

Go over to the Casino NPC at the NPC area

Right click that NPC and you are now teleported to the Casino

Casino Pictures

Click me to see pictures of the casino

Free Daily Chips

Each day you can go into the casino and get 5k. This allows you to gamble it or keep it it's your choice it's a 24 hour cooldown on the NPC

How to get chips

Go open any Casino Mini-Game

At the bottom you can left-click to buy a chip

Then you can pick up your chips with your left click and then right click them right back on top of the chips in the bottom to sell. See example GIF below

How to place your chips in a casino game

In most games when you click into the game it will show you a Red Barrier Block. Simply pickup your chip in your inventory that you have purchased. Then drop the chip onto the barrier block. Sometimes you need to select only the chips you want to place and right click does not like to work. IF FOR ANY REASON YOU HIT ESCAPE AFTER YOU PLACE YOUR BET YOU LOOSE INSTANTLY!!!!

Game Types

  • BlackJack

  • Classic

  • Crash

  • Darts

  • DeadMansChest

  • Dice

  • Drums

  • Lottery

  • Poker

  • Pyramid

  • Races

  • RockPaperScissors

  • Roulette

  • Stairs

  • TicTacToe

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