💰Donor Ranks/Packages

Covers the entire donation store and what it offers



These are used to obtain items from our GadgetsMenu see Here


A backpack is a permanent item that is attached to you via the Cosmetic Wardrobe Click Here

Character Services

In this page we have 3 offers currently

Name Change

  • This allows an admin to rename your player in the game for a fee

Inventory Rollback

  • All items are restored on reset and xp and all of that!

Premium Battlepass

  • The battlepass has a feature on the bottom that allows a premium collection of mysterydust. Please see the Cosmetics section GadgetMenu for reasons why mysterydust is important.


You can buy this currency for only cosmetics in our server. You can use the GadgetMenu to purchase items that are cosmetic in nature. Click Here to learn more about GadgetMenu.

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